About Us

A breath of fresh air in the insurance broker community

Our Market Focus

Venture Benefits serves the technology community, especially startups. We work with clients who have 2-2,000 employees and need a flexible and attentive partner to ensure their unique insurance needs are met. Unlike many brokers, we won’t ignore you because you’re a small startup.


We provide a wide menu of insurance coverage that includes group benefits, life insurance, property and casualty, workerscompensation, retirement plans, and HR consulting.

Our partner companies also provide outsourced payroll for contractors, Professional Employer Organization services (PEO), and international payrolling.


Our team leaders have over 70 years of combined experience serving technology, life sciences, health care, venture capital and startup companies. We know your pain points, because we’ve been in your shoes.  When you work with us, you’re not dealing with insurance sales people. We are a business partner and trusted advisor.

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Our Approach

We haven’t spent our entire careers in the insurance industry. And that’s a good thing. Venture Benefits is building an agency that operates like we wish our brokers operated when we were on the other side of the table. We’re building tools to provide a more efficient and transparent experience for clients. No secrecy. No pushy sales people. No waiting when you need immediate help.

Startups Welcome!

Most insurance brokers begrudgingly accept  startup companies. We’re the opposite.  We love early stage and mid-market clients. Companies with under 50 employees can be difficult to service efficiently enough for the amount of commission they bring in. Venture Benefits leverages technology and operational efficiency to make that a non-issue. Feel like your broker is ignoring you or treats you like a nobody? We’re here to change that treatment.

Technology and Systems

Whether you’re starting out with 5 employees or already at 50, we have free online systems that will allow you to easily manage your employees and benefits with enterprise-level HRIS technology. What’s better than that?  It’s free for you as our client! Let us show you how to eliminate the Excel spreadsheets and email folders to run your company operations.

Attention You Deserve

Just because you don’t have 1,000 employees yet doesn’t mean you’re not important and don’t deserve to be treated as a priority. We respond to all outreach within 2-3 business hours, and you will often get a reply from one our executives even at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning on an urgent issue. You’ve never experienced service like this before. Seriously.

Fast and Flexible

Since our executives have lived their entire careers in the startup world, they know how to move at startup speed. Sometimes you just need help immediately. Now. This minute. We get it, and we can move quickly to assist you and resolve problems. We also don’t fit everything into a box. Cutting edge companies have needs that don’t fit traditional service models. We work with clients to find solutions that best address their unique and changing needs.

Jeremy McCarthy

Managing Director

Charles Luke

Head of Operations

Robert Keehan


Clients love us

You guys set the gold standard in service; responsive, flexible, and having a great attitude.

Joan M., VC Firm


A Lot

I will certainly be keeping you in mind and recommending VL to friends. You’ve been a joy to work with and made so much complicated work so easy for us.

Christopher S., PEO Client